Gebärdensprachdolmetscherin von LoorEns. phil.COLOGNE

To togetherness – phil.COLOGNE inclusive

Our society is so beautifully colorful and diverse and we want to celebrate that at our festival. phil.COLOGNE has been actively promoting the participation of people with disabilities for more than ten years. There are many different barriers that prevent people with disabilities from participating in cultural life without complications. We want to enable participation for all people and are therefore constantly working with various stakeholders to make our festival inclusive.

Special needs schools

...are cordially invited to take part in the KlasseDenken program. We are happy to engage sign language interpreters for your chosen event if required.

Our events

We bring to the stage topics such as discrimination, (trans)gender, physical disabilities and psychological stress and how inclusive coexistence can work.

Schulklasse bei einer Veranstaltung. Im Vordergrund ein Kind im Rollstuhl. KlasseDenken.


We select many structurally accessible venues for people with walking, hearing and visual impairments. You will find information on all location-specific information such as induction loops, wheelchair-accessible entrances and toilets or the carriage of assistance dogs as filter options in the program. Our admission team looks forward to welcoming you. Please do not hesitate to contact them.

Financial hurdles? Kulturliste Köln e.V.

With the help of Kulturliste Köln e.V., we want to enable everyone in Cologne to take part in the social and cultural life of the city. To this end, we provide free places which the Kulturliste Köln e.V. arranges for guests with little money but a great desire for culture.

You will also find various support services with us:

(Interpreting into German sign language)

You can find an overview of the events with these offers as a filter option in the program on our website.

Financial support for pupils

phil.COLOGNE would like to give all children and young people, regardless of their social situation, access to cultural education and a KlasseDenken visit. If pupils in your classes are financially disadvantaged and are therefore unable to visit us, you can apply for cost coverage for individual pupils without any red tape using the registration form. We have a limited funding pot for this, which we can offer with the financial support of the "Ein Herz Lacht" foundation.
Please indicate the number of students whose entrance fees you would like us to cover on the registration form. Subject to availability, we will then send you a form to sign to cover the costs with the confirmation of registration. As soon as we have received this, we will send you the confirmation for the event and the assumption of costs.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:


Even if not all events can be offered in a barrier-free format, efforts are being made to increase this proportion wherever possible. As cooperation partners of phil.COLOGNE, a wide variety of venues also make a significant contribution to this.

We would also like to thank our sponsor Aktion Mensch.


We welcome your suggestions, requests and criticism on inclusion. Please contact our team member Alessia Heider:

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