10, internationales Festival der Philosophie vom 8.-14. Juni 2022, internationales festival der philosophie vom 8.-14. Juni 2022

Welcome to the tenth!

At the opening event of the festival, migration researcher Gerald Knaus, historian Gerd Koenen, legal philosopher Reinhard Merkel and philosopher Julian Nida-Rümelin will discuss the upheaval in German foreign policy and the geopolitical situation in the panel discussion "A time of changes. Germany and the war".
Once again, we will devote a portion of the overall programme to an examination of relevant contemporary issues from a variety of perspectives, with guests from a wide range of disciplines.
The discussion topics range from the question of what might constitute wisdom, to the potential of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, and even our relationship to death.

We wrestle with questions of the alternatives freedom vs duty, our understanding of work, gender identity, faith or doubt, racism, to the question of how we want to love.
Among many others, our guests include:
Aleida Assmann, Elke Büdenbender, Florian Schroeder, Peter Sloterdijk, Katja Riemann, Harald Welzer, Michael Hampe, Christiane Woopen, Mithu Sanyal, Markus Gabriel, Gregor Gysi, Bernhard Schlink, Lea Ypi, Şeyda Kurt or Sonia Mikich.



An opportunity to come together for discussion and create a space for presenting and exploring current discourses, thus highlighting the timeliness and relevance of philosophical topics. Philosophy provides action options for individual and social co-existence as well as for shaping our future. The topics are as fundamental as they are multidimensional, and are always explored in an age-appropriate manner.
The children and youth programme of the 2022 is presented in collaboration with the German Federal Agency for Civic Education/bpb.


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