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Born in 1967 in Siegen, Navid Kermani now lives in Cologne. He has won multiple awards for his literary work and essays, including the Kleist Prize, the Joseph Breitbach Prize, the 2015 Peace Prize of the German Book Trade, the 2017 ECF Princess Margriet Award for Culture, the 2017 State Prize of North Rhine-Westphalia, the 2020 Hölderlin Prize of the City of Bad Homburg and the 2021 prize of honor from the Austrian Booksellers’ Association. His most recent works were “Your Name” (2011), “Über den Zufall” [“Coincidence”] (2012), “Great Love” (2014), “Album” (2014) and “Sozusagen Paris” [“Paris, So to Speak”] (2016). “Ayda, Bär und Hase” [“Ayda, Bear and Rabbit”] (2017) was his first children’s book. This was followed in 2022 by “Jeder soll von da, wo er ist, einen Schritt näher kommen” [“Everyone Should Come a Step Closer From Where They Are”], and in 2023 by “The Alphabet Up To S”. Since 2006, he has co-hosted the Literary Salon in Cologne's Stadtgarten with Guy Helminger. Navid Kermani will receive the Thomas Mann Prize in 2024.

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Israel. Eine Korrespondenz

Israel. Eine Korrespondenz

Navid Kermani, Natan Sznaider
Carl Hanser


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