Philosopher Wilhelm Schmid is certain: joie de vivre is an art that can be learned. Talent is helpful, but practice is crucial. This also includes learning to abstain, so that we are able to draw breath more easily for new upswings and to become fitter rather than fatter. The sensations of the swing can serve as as valuable guide here. From the real-life swing experience, Wilhelm Schmid derives a metaphor for life. Life is swinging: gaining momentum, feeling lightness, experiencing flights of fancy, hoping for the support of others and learning to accept the sinking feeling on the downswing. Swinging makes it possible to fly back and forth between the different sides of life, for example between exertion and contemplation. Also between the joy of the beautiful, which gives us new élan, and dealing with the less attractive facets. For many problems in life and in love, riding the swing the solution. Mod.: Susanne Fritz


Susanne Fritz © Maren Steingroß
Susanne Fritz

Susanne Fritz, born 1969 in Oberhausen, is a journalist, author and… This text was shortened for this overview. Follow the more-link to read the full text.

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Wilhelm Schmid © Thomas Koy/ Suhrkamp Verlag
Wilhelm Schmid

Wilhelm Schmid was born in 1953. He is a freelance philosopher in… This text was shortened for this overview. Follow the more-link to read the full text.

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Wilhelm Schmid




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