Opening of the phil.COLOGNE: The paradoxes of surplus enjoyment – Slavoj Žižek on our life in abundance

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Our life today is characterised by excess. It’s never enough, we always have to have more. In his work Surplus Enjoyment: a Guide for the Non-perplexed, Slavoj Žižek, one of the most influential contemporary philosophers, coins a new concept to describe our existence: “surplus enjoyment". Using this fusion of Marx's "surplus value" and Freud's "pleasure gain", the master thinker illuminates the current fields of political and cultural problems and discourse: from "cancel culture" to gender binarity to queerness, from the latest varieties of capitalism to conservative communism to COVID-19. Žižek attempts to deconstruct the insanity of our social reality. In his new "Guide for the Non-perplexed", he points out possible ways out of our current impasse. "Few other thinkers better illustrate the contradictions of contemporary capitalism" (New York Review of Books).
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Slavoj Žižek © Ulf Andersen/GAMMA/Laif
Slavoj Žižek

Slavoj Žižek, geboren 1949, ist Philosoph, Psychoanalytiker und K… This text was shortened for this overview. Follow the more-link to read the full text.

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Wolfram Eilenberger © Annette Hauschild / Ostkreuz
Wolfram Eilenberger

Writer and philosopher Wolfram Eilenberger was born in 1972. He hosts… This text was shortened for this overview. Follow the more-link to read the full text.

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Die Paradoxien der Mehrlust

Die Paradoxien der Mehrlust

Slavoj Zizek

Übersetzt von Frank Born, Axel Walter




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