Current discourse has identified the main culprits for all of today’s dysfunctions: old white men. They stand for colonialism, racism and sexism, and bear responsibility for world poverty, the destruction of nature and, of course, climate change. But how did they become the scapegoats and what is behind this collective blame? In his new essay Der alte weiße Mann. Sündenbock der Nation, media theorist and philosopher Norbert Bolz analyses the term “old white men” and shows how they have become the central symbolic figure in a cultural civil war. He convincingly demonstrates that this conflict is not only about attributions, but about the foundations of the Western world. Cabaret artist Florian Schröder ("Schluss mit der Meinungsfreiheit. Für mehr Hirn und weniger Hysterie") talks and argues with Norbert Bolz about a core conflict point of our time.


Florian Schroeder © Frank Eidel
Florian Schroeder

Florian Schroeder,born in 1979, studied German and Philosophy at the… This text was shortened for this overview. Follow the more-link to read the full text.

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Norbert Bolz © Privat
Norbert Bolz

Born in 1953, philosopher and media theorist Norbert Bolz is a… This text was shortened for this overview. Follow the more-link to read the full text.

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Der alte weiße Mann

Der alte weiße Mann

Norbert Bolz

Langen - Mueller



Schluss mit der Meinungsfreiheit!

Schluss mit der Meinungsfreiheit!

Florian Schroeder




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