In our time, democracy appears under siege. For one thing, our societies are divided as never before: Fuelled by social media, racial violence, populism, social inequality and a recently survived pandemic are driving us into isolation. Additionally, a globally oriented economy, completely unregulated by our governments, has superseded politics. For 40 years now, neoliberalism has been transforming citizens into winners or losers in global capitalism – with devastating consequences for our democracy. In his monumental work Democracy's Discontent: a New Edition for Our Perilous Times, Michael J. Sandel ("Justice") paints a historically informed and philosophically inspired picture of our democracy-denigrating times. And he explains what needs to be done to turn consumers back into citizens who actively shape their society. Mod.: Gert Scobel


Michael J. Sandel © Stephanie Mitchell / Harvard University
Michael J. Sandel

Michael J. Sandel, geboren 1953, ist politischer Philosoph. Er… This text was shortened for this overview. Follow the more-link to read the full text.

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Gert Scobel © 3sat/ZDF Uli Lenz
Gert Scobel

Born in Aachen in 1959, Gert Scobel is one of Germany’s most renowned s… This text was shortened for this overview. Follow the more-link to read the full text.

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Das Unbehagen in der Demokratie

Das Unbehagen in der Demokratie

Michael J. Sandel

Übersetzt von Helmut Reuter




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