War has always given birth to images. They render the inconceivable visible for all to see, are used to confer or deny legitimacy, and as strategy and propaganda tools. Today, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok serve as inexhaustible sources of images in wartime. We can observe the war in the Ukraine in real time right on our phones. We can use them to express solidarity effortlessly with just a tap and affirm our activism by simply adding a hashtag. How are images instrumentalised, what stories do they tell? What changes for us, the recipients? And what strategies can we use to deal with this flood of images besides doom-scrolling or attempting to ignore them?
A discussion between art historian and image researcher Charlotte Klonk (most recent work: “Revolution im Rückwärtsgang. Der 6. Januar 2021 und die Bedeutung der Bilder”) and Wolfgang Ullrich (“Die Kunst nach dem Ende ihrer Autonomie”).

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  • Date:

    12. June 2022

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  • COMEDIA Theater
    Roter Saal

    Vondelstraße 4-8
    50677 Köln

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