What is love? Is it the meaning of life, a political alliance, an illusion, or and end in itself? Or is it simply impossible?
In her highly acclaimed book “Radikale Zärtlichkeit”, Şeyda Kurt dissects our comfortingly familiar love norms – and explores how traditional relationship models can fail on the basis of her own biography. Because love does not exist in a vacuum. It is a mirror of our society. And it’s political.
What might a radical reinvention of love look like? And how can people jointly prevail against the isms of our society – as partners, families and friends?
Mithu Sanyal (“Identitti”) and Şeyda Kurt talk about what a personal language of tenderness might look like, one in which we can shed outmoded relationship models and risk interacting more fairly with one another.

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    11. June 2022

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  • Kulturkirche Köln

    Siebachstraße 85

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