Perhaps the most pivotal of Immanuel Kant's famous four questions is, "What is man?" It is a question that lies at the very root of our coexistence, because it goes to the core of our humanity: Who or what are we really? But is there a simple answer? What does identity mean for our society, for our language and for how we interact with one another? Is it a rigid construct? Or do we rather need to understand it as a fluid phenomenon? The philosopher, writer and cultural scholar Mithu Sanyal has dealt with these questions with great wit in her acclaimed and award-winning novel "Identitti". She talks about the concept of identity, about language and about our interactions. Moderation: Anja Backhaus

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    11. June 2022

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  • WDR Funkhaus
    Kleiner Sendesaal

    Wallrafplatz 5
    50667 Köln

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