“It is a privilege to see the brain, and how it pulses. That is something awe-inspiring, something holy. We all know that the brain is the seat of our soul, our personality.”
Prof. Dr. Peter Vajkoczy is the Director of the Clinic for Neurosurgery at the famed Berlin Charité, and offers astonishing insights into the work of a brain surgeon in the high-risk zone and into the human brain itself. Thinking about the brain and the soul has an age-old tradition: even in ancient times, physicians treating gladiators recognized that injuries to the brain always entailed a loss of cognitive function. Everything that has for centuries been associated with the soul is anchored in the brain.
In “Kopfarbeit”, Peter Vajkoczy describes not only unusual cases from the OP theatre, but also examines the phenomenon of near-death experience with astounding patient accounts.
Moderation: Gert Scobel

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  • Date:

    12. June 2022

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  • COMEDIA Theater
    Grüner Saal

    Vondelstraße 4-8
    50677 Köln

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