No other philosopher today is more formative, influential and productive as Peter Sloterdijk. In line with Nietzsche’ aphorism, “Philosophy is the good intention to do harm to stupidity,” he sees the philosopher’s role as the practice of contemporaneity. He just recently published a unique “philosophical theory of colour” under the title “Wer noch kein Grau gedacht hat”.
Florian Schröder is a TV cabaret artist and comedian who also regularly comments on the ongoing debates of the day through his writings. Peter Sloterdijk’s work has always had a consistent leitmotif, essentially the “critique of cynical reason”. In light of this approach, he calls the master thinker up to the blackboard of our time to showcase his work: What are the limits of the thinkable, speakable and joke-worthy in critical times? At what point to irony, humour and cynicism go out of bounds?
Moderation: Cai Werntgen

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    13. June 2022

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