Where does optimism come from? With Hartmut Rosa and Ulrich Schnabel


phil.cologne 2019

Where does optimism come from? With Hartmut Rosa and Ulrich Schnabel

There are people who see themselves as permanently on the brink. For others, however, things are always getting better. They never lose hope even in the darkest hours, retaining their belief in salvation and improvement. The word for this attitude is optimism. Those who view their life optimistically see possibilities, openings and opportunities that can be grasped. But how is this state of being achieved? What are the prerequisites and conditions? Are optimists ultimately religious personalities? Or do they instead believe that the unavailable, and not control, is the key to a hopeful stance toward the world? Socialogist Hartmut Rosa(“Unverfügbarkeit”) discusses this topic with science journalist Ulrich Schnabel (“Zuversicht”).

Mod.: Susanne Fritz

  • Friday 7 June

    07. June 2019

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