Welcome to the Existentialist Café! With Sarah Bakewell


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Welcome to the Existentialist Café! With Sarah Bakewell

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Do you also like to wear black turtleneck jumpers? Do you believe that freedom is the most important thing in the world? And that Paris is for wisdom-lovers? Then you absolutely must meet Sarah Bakewell – at the Existentialist Café! With her eponymous world best-seller, English philosopher Sarah Bakewell invites us to enter the wonderful conceptual universe of Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir and Albert Camus.

Like no other 20th-century philosophical movement, existentialism continues to shape our ideas of what it means to lead a free, authentic, and above all emancipated life. An evening for everyone who always wondered why an apricot cocktail holds within itself the entirety of reality – and why revolting against the alleged absurdity of our existence every day is worth it!

Moderation: Wolfram Eilenberger

  • Tuesday 4 June

    04. June 2019

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  • COMEDIA Theater
    Roter Saal

    Vondelstraße 4-8
    50677 Köln

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