13 Germans have travelled into space to date, among them astronaut Gerhard Thiele. In 2000, he went into space for eleven days aboard the space shuttle Endeavour. From there, he looked out upon our blue planet, but also on inconceivable darkness that boggled his mind. Anyone who observes the Earth from such a distance might well arrive at new perspectives on what kind of life we lead here, and whether there might be intelligent life somewhere out there.
An avowed Christian as well as a scientist, Gerhard Thiele invites us to join him for a discussion on overwhelming dimensions, what we as humans can learn in space and what the limits of science might be. Perhaps we can even learn something about ourselves as humans when we ask:
Why do we go into space at all?
Moderation: Jürgen Wiebicke

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    08. June 2022

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  • Lutherkirche

    Martin-Luther-Platz 4
    50677 Köln

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