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Born in 1945, Paul J. Kohtes is a corporate communications consultant in Germany. He was the first German to be inducted into the Hall of Fame of The International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO). He now focuses on executive coaching and Zen meditation. He is the co-founder of the meditation app 7Mind and the initiator of the Identity Foundation, a charitable foundation for philosophy. In cooperation with the University of Cologne, the Identity Foundation awarded the Meister Eckhart Prize, one of the most high-profile science prizes of its time, on seven occasions. Kohtes became well known for his many books, such as “Dein Job ist es frei zu sein” [“Your Job Is to Be Free”] (2005), “Jesus für Manager” [“Jesus for Manager”] (2008) and “Das Buch vom Nichts, mit Zen zu einem Leben in Fülle” [“The Book of Nothing: A Full Life with Zen”] (2012).

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Das Buch vom Nichts: Mit Zen zu einem Leben in Fülle

Das Buch vom Nichts: Mit Zen zu einem Leben in Fülle

Paul J. Kohtes


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